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Fleet Car Servicing

Spanners Automotive can cater to your fleet servicing and repair requirements.

We appreciate the need to keep your vehicles reliable and on the road and can provide a comprehensive range of services, with clear and concise customer support.

Fleet Provisions

  • As a fleet customer we can tailor a servicing program that directly suits your fleet needs and works in with your business. We fully understand that fleet cars need to be on the road to work and as such we provide efficient repairs, flexibility and clear communication. Service turnaround time can be as little as 1 hour on a general service and customers are more than welcome to wait in our comfortable waiting room while this is done.
  • You will be dealing with Spanners Automotive’s owner and operator, Graham, throughout the service/repair procedure on your fleet cars. All work is carried out by experienced and qualified technicians. We have the latest in diagnostic equipment and modern facilities to cater for many makes and models of vehicle.
  • Log book servicing means that we service all new and used cars still under manufacturer’s pledge without compromising the warranty. We use genuine parts where applicable and perform all work in accordance with the manufacturers specifications and stamp your log book. A detailed report of servicing and repair work is recorded for future reference and invoicing. You will receive a comprehensive copy of all work and any items that require attention.
  • Pricing is competitive without compromising our workmanship quality. As part of our general servicing we will provide you with a list of any items that need attention on the vehicle, and a quote for the repairs if required. We understand that a vehicle off the road is costly so we can prioritise the repair items so they can be done in a step by step process if required.
    Contact us today to arrange your booking.


We have a large comfortable waiting area with tea, coffee, hot chocolate and chilled water.

We pride ourselves on providing a the highest level of service and services to our clients and it has been a long held aim in the company to maintain this standard.



(03) 9716 0851


Mon - Fri 8am to 5pm
Sat 8am to 12:30pm(by appointment only)

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